Baby Scrapbook Ideas For a Lifetime of Memories

Gathering tiny baby clothes and decorating the nursery are labors of love during pregnancy. Starting a baby scrapbook before the new family member arrives can be just as heart-warming and important for lifetime memories of the special time. It’s the time to select a binder, embellishments, stickers and baby scrapbook papers and start formulating your ideas.

Baby scrapbooking designs should revolve around the joy and blessing that is a new baby. Whether you choose delicate pastels in tones of pink and blue, or go with more vibrant primary colors, focus on the symbols that mean babyhood. These can include the fabled stork with his bundles, bottles, booties, rattles, pacifiers as well as a collection of baby animals or birds.

Create different pages for the milestones every parent wants to remember: the first words, first hair-cut, first steps. Depending on how large you with the memory book to be, you can also include things like first time rolling over, first smile and special events like first Christmas or their baptism.

While you can set up the templates or collect the materials for a baby scrapbook before the child arrives, adding all the photos and information will only come later. Even though a new parent’s life is extra busy and tiring, remember to always take pictures and write little memories down on scraps of paper to be included in the book at a later time. When your new baby is napping, sit down at the table with a cup of tea for some quiet moments with your favorite hobby.

Pictures are the foundation of any quality scrapbook, but other memories should be added as well. Next to the first every photograph of your new son or daughter, write a note about how you felt the first time you held him or her in your arms. Record, for posterity, the doctor’s and nurses’ names, who was with you, what the weather was like, or any other special things of note. Other pages can include the birth announcement accented with baby scrapbook style embellishments.

Not only will you have a lovely lifetime of memories when you look back on the baby scrapbook that you create for your child, but they will be able to view their early years in style. Choosing pastel colors or infant themes make for an attractive design, but what goes into the book is what really matters. Show all the events that make the first year of life special, and share the emotions and thoughts along the way.

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