The Advantages of Digital Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking isn’t just about photos and stickers and fancy paper, unless you’re talking about the virtual ones on your computer. Digital scrapbooking has taken the industry by storm and the choices of themes and visual mastery are endless.

You may not be a desktop publisher, or a computer whiz, but digital scrapbooking is easier than ever. There are a multitude of free or inexpensive software programs that provide many themes and designs. Of course, if you do have an aptitude for the computer, you can use a program as available as Open Office or Microsoft Office to create amazing visual effects that can perfectly compliment your scanned photos.

You will need a few supplies. Aside from the computer and the scanner, most everything you need is available online. For those family members who don’t have the internet, you can even get software on a disk and download it onto a computer. Many enjoy the hands-on approach when it comes to scrapbooking, but there are many others who will become scrapbookers based just on the fact that digital scrapbooking is just as stimulating to the imagination as manual scrapbooking, requires no clean-up and could prove to be more cost-effective.

Digital scrapbooking is easier to share with others. If you have an internet, pages from your digital scrapbook can be shared with loved ones thousands of miles away just as easily as your next door neighbor. Attaching a scrapbook page to an email is easy for everyone and so convenient.

It might be helpful to know that if you’ve never tried scrapbooking before, you can use most word processing programs which are sophisticated enough to download photos and easily manipulate their position on any page. Text positioning is as easy as the clicking of a couple of buttons. Before you know it, with some downloaded photos, you can create a fun memory creating document to send as your next Christmas card.

We have become a generation of computer users. Most of us are on our computers everyday and are accustomed to downloading all of our photos from our digital cameras onto our computers. Digital scrapbooking takes that just one step further and only takes a few minutes. Of course, if you’re handy with a desktop publishing program or a photo finishing application you can enjoy scrapbooking for hours on end.

Scrapbooking is done by a member of one in four households and, in a way it’s surprising that the number isn’t higher. If the number were increased to the number of people who download photographs onto their computers and post them to social websites or email to friends that number could easily be matched if people knew just how easy and fun digital scrapbooking is. Digital scrapbooking could become a fun activity for the computer-game-playing skeptical teenager. Even that teenage boy, would enjoy creating scrapbook pages and uploading it to his social network page.

There are virtually no limits to the enjoyment of scrapbooking. Anyone with representations of memories has the potential to enjoy scrapbooking. It’s as simple and as elaborate as anyone could want and it’s a wonderful way to share with others.

Ethan has been an online writer for nearly 2 years now. Not only does this author specialize in sports, finance, and product reviews, you can also check out his latest website on Cricut Celebrations which reviews and lists the best Celebrations Cricut.

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