5 Quick Ways to Get Free Ideas for Your Scrapbooking

There are thousands of free resources and ideas of scrapbooking in the internet or in the retail market such as the book store, or craft shop. But before you purchase anything, do you want to get some free ideas before you really decide to buy it ? If yes, here I share some of my experience and methods I am using now.

Method #1 Source from Internet.
The internet is the wonderful source for everything. The search engine is helping our daily life easier. Type something like scrapbooking free layout, or similar meaning of words, you can find many good sites that come with free layout downloadable for your scrapbooking needs.

Method #2 Scrapbooking forums.
Scrapbooking forums is another interesting place for you. I love to join forum and read all the scrapbooker guru comment and ideas sharing. Sometimes, the forum members share their design free too!

Method #3 Library.
Yes! the library is a place of free treasure for us. If you are book worm, libraries are a good place for free ideas. Simply borrow craft books or scrapbooking reference books, you can find wonderful creative ideas from all the craft books from the library.

Method #4 Visit Art Exhibition.
Artist are very creative with their idea. I enjoy visiting art museums  whenever I am free to go. Be inspiring by all the art work and they are really good to spark an idea in your personal scrapbooking theme.

Method #5 Craft Stores

I love and enjoy shopping in craft store, even I do not have anything in mind to buy yet! Craft stores  are a free source for my scrapbooking ideas. Well that’s all the quick ways, hope you like it!

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