Ideas for Home Embroidery Projects

Most people think once you’ve finish stitching an embroidery design, all you can do is hang it on the wall.  Embroidered pictures can give a room character but why stop there?  You can use motifs from the wall hangings and, with a little creativity make coordinating cushions and throw pillows that really pull the room together.  If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, you can make it the focus of the room by stitching a fire screen for it.

This idea also works in the dining room where you can embroider matching designs on tablecloths, napkins and table runners.  Hand-stitched coasters and placemats help complete the look.

Embroidery can also be used to enhance bedrooms.  Add some dreamy designs using pastel colours to pillow cases and duvet covers.  You can do the same for bath towel sets as well.  Purchase some decent quality towels at a good price and add value to them by embroidering names, monograms or nautical designs.  The plain band near the bottom of the towels is an ideal area for this.

Baby items are probably the best pieces for embroidery enhancement.  The look of delight on the new parents’ faces when they open your present and gaze upon matching bibs, booties, sun hats and clothing all lovingly embroidered by you is priceless. These items will more than likely become cherished heirlooms that will be passed down through the family for generations.

Embroidery can be an inexpensive way to give new life to old but viable items.  Find inspiration from the dozens of books and charts available in shops and online and then pick up your needle and thread.  With a bit of imagination, you can revive clothes, bags and even spark up notebook and scrapbook covers.

Embroidery kits are a good way for newbies to get started.  Kits come with pretty much everything you’ll need to get stitching.  The instructions are easy to follow, come with diagrams explaining how the stitches should be done and tips on the best way to complete the design.

If you’re already handy with needle and thread, why not challenge yourself?  Peruse through design books and charts and let your imagine go where it will.  You can choose to stitch a complete design from a chart or mix and match motifs from different designs to produce a whole new look.  Or you could really go to town and create your very own unique pattern.

Embroidery supplies and kits can be found in craft shops and online stores.  Personally I find craft fairs more fun.  You can see what the latest offerings are in the world of needle crafts, talk to people who are experts in the field and get loads of helpful advice. Workshops take place throughout the day.  You can improve your skills or try something totally different.  Best of all, you can usually get a better price if you buy from the exhibitors.

So you see, there is more to free hand embroidery than many people think.  Besides decorating your walls, you can use it to create soft furnishings for the home, decorate clothing and accessories and keep your imagination alive.

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