Scrapbooks Ideas With 500 Scrapbooking Sketches

If you’ve ever struggled with the idea of coming up with a scrapbooking sketch, there’s no need to worry. The entire process is much easier than you may think.

I’ve struggled time and time again to make the perfect scrapbook sketch. I’ve positioned things here and there, attended classes and thought I had things correct, only to find the person next to me in my scrapping class had the brain of a scientist. Everything worked for them but never for me.

I went looking online to find examples of scrapbooking sketches, layouts, designs, quotes and many other details to make my perfect page… after all, I am what some may call the “ADD” personality. I suffer from changing the layout and positions to waste more and more time. What I found in this process was that after looking at the work of others, I really liked their ideas. Not mine.

Sound familiar?

Before too long, I found that I didn’t really have to reinvent the wheel. Just go with something that works. I found that the designs of others could be used in my own scrapbooks and no one would really know I “borrowed” the idea from someone else. Even if they did, who cares? I like what I like and that’s half the battle when I can find something that works for me. It’s my scrapbook… no one should have to tell me the way it should be designed.

Maybe you have the same issues. It’s tough always having to come up with a new layout, color scheme, positioning, templates, etc.

My family is the reason I scrapbook. I like to hold onto the memories of what I enjoyed at the time of taking a specific photograph and would like to look back on those shots from time to time. The problem for me is, if I don’t put them into some simple format right away, I may never get around to scrapping the ideas.

Categorizing my projects is important. I like to fit my photographs by month and year and work or build upon this concept.

Up until now, I had a difficult time figuring out something unique for each and ever page I was creating until one day I cam across a simple solution to my needs.

Get Creative

Use your imagination. When you get stuck in writer’s block, you can go to the internet for ideas, layout and design help. Many people have shared their inspirational works online as examples to inspire you.

I now have a much better way than having to sort through a bunch of designs and spend my time on layouts that just won’t work for me.

I found a simple solution to my problems with already completed sketches from others who do the same thing as I do. I simply browse through the patterns and apply the simple steps to get the job done to save time and money and you can do the same with an easy to follow plan found at Scrapbooks Ideas.

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