Straightforward Baby Boy Scrapbooking Ideas

Making scrapbook could be a excellent way to share the thrill of that new arrival. If you’re hunting for some ideas for making a baby boy scrapbook here are a few ideas and tips that will help.

Who Is The Scrapbook For

The theme for your scrapbook may vary depending on who you are making the scrapbook for. If the scrapbook is for yourself the theme may be slightly different than for the grandparents or a uncle or aunt or maybe even a Godparent.

For instance if the scrapbook is for yourself and this is your first child then you may want the theme to reflect that. But , if its for your grandparents who already have several grandson’s then your theme may be slightly different.

List the Page Themes

After you choose a theme, then make a list of the pages that you want to include. The pages for your album might include the before birth shower, the hospital, the first day home and whatever else you choose.

If the scrapbook is for someone who lives far away and does not get to go to regularly you may even need to include photos of your pregnancy and fixing up the nursery so they feel part of the whole experience. Having a catalogue of the pages that you want to include will help to keep things arranged and make making your album way easier.

Album Themes

You could adore making a list of themes you like and then eliminate them until you find one that seems right.

Some of us have certain pictures and stickers they want to include and base the theme around that. As an example, if you have some puppy dog stickers you would like to include in your scrapbook then using the theme “What are little boys made from” might be a sensible choice as you alternate pages with snakes, snails and young dog tails to form an exciting themed album.

Choosing a theme for your scrapbook does not have to be difficult it just takes a little imagination and finding the right frames, phrases and words to connect the theme through. 

Author Resource:- To See more great baby boy scrapbook ideas including free scrapbooking layouts that you can download right away check out Janette Miller’s site now.
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