Ribbon Scrapbooking Ideas

A variety of possibilities exist for ribbon use in scrapbooks. They add texture and color to your scrapbook, creating a variety of layout possibilities. A spool of ribbon can be bought at a fabric store. By experimenting and enjoying the project, you can create a memorable scrapbook.


Make flowers with your ribbon. Use green ribbons for the stems. By doing this, you can add to the theme of the page you are decorating. Make the colors bright if you are decorating a page with a photo from the summer, for example. Add a variety of other materials, such as buttons in the center of your ribbon pedals. Tie a bow around the multiple stems of the flowers to make a bouquet.


After placing a photo or note somewhere in the center of your scrapbook you can glue a ribbon to either side. This gives the impression that the note is anchored in the book.


One of the scrapbook trademarks has got to be colorful borders. Line the edges of the pages with one or more ribbons. Create a rainbow effect by putting multiple ribbons side by side.


Placing a bow at the corner of a note or photo can spruce up your scrapbook. The bow will add a touch of color to what might be an otherwise basic note. You can tie your bow to whatever size you want; make a smaller bow if you want to emphasize a photo, but a larger one to point out the beautiful bow.


Handles can be created by gluing a tab of ribbon to the page and placing a small bead in the middle. Put a note or picture directly below it to give the impression that the photo or letter is hanging from the tab.

Photo Frame

Putting ribbons just outside the edges of the a photo will give it the look of a photo frame. You can cut out stars of ribbon and place them on the border. Make one side of the frame wider by placing multiple ribbons side by side.

Securing Your Ribbon

Although glue is the most popular way to put ribbon in a scrapbook, you can also use staples from a regular office stapler. You can also find decorative staple bars at craft stores. Embellished stick pins, thin glue dots and double-sided tape can also be found there.

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