Scrapbooking Ideas? Here is how to increase your creativity

Not surprisingly, Scrapbooking is so big these days, especially with the advent of the Internet! Scrapbooking, by its very nature “works”, but what if you’re really not in a creative mood, or you need to catch up on some scrapbooking, but you’re out of ideas?

This is sort of disappointing! And the more pictures to accumulate more than overwhelming your little scrapbooking projects become, and the last thing you want for what is supposed to be fun and relaxing to become more “routine” that must be done.

Here’s how to break the mold and make scrapbooking fun again:

1 – Always have something convenient to write your ideas and inspiration when they come to you at this time.

The fact is, creativity is something that no one can really be creative all the time, it comes in spurts, and often very random. (Mine often come while in the shower or car) So, to keep something around that works for you. Whether that will pad on your smartphone, Evernote, or just a small notepad. Just make sure that it is convenient and easy to use for you, or you will not use it!

2 – Get organized!

For a good value if you have a table that just mounds and mounds of random small pieces of paper, photographs and made scrapbooks half, it’s no wonder you can not come up with Scrapbooking Ideas. (The same applies to your computer’s hard drive) Pick the organization of the system and stick to it. You can organize by date, event, people, places, what works for you, just make sure that it is simple to implement and it is interesting for you to do! If you have a busy schedule like most people these days, is allocated a few minutes, maybe once a week on a Sunday afternoon or any other possible items to quickly organize scrapbooking you are going for a week. Then, when it’s time to sit down and put it all together, it’s not overwhelming.

3 – Focus

I know it sounds strange, they say you should focus, for scrapbooking, because attention to sound like work, and scrapbooking should be fun is not it? Well, I found that with my scrapbooking projects (like everything else in life), it is necessary to remove all distractions and focus on the one and only one at a time. Same for scrapbooking. If you set aside Saturday afternoon from 3-5, as your “focus time”, then make sure you remove all other distractions. Let your family know that you’re “temporarily unavailable” Turn off your phone, computer and TV (if you like it in the background, scrap) and just get to the fun stuff.

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