Scrapbooking Ideas With an Autograph Book

In the late 1800s, it was quite common for students to possess an autograph book, a book where they would collect the signatures and personal written messages of friends, classmates and family members. Nowadays, students largely use their official school yearbooks for such purposes. Even so, making or embellishing autograph books using scrapbooking ideas and techniques is a suitable way to create homemade, one-of-a-kind gifts.

Then and Now

Then and Now theme is a common choice for scrapbooks and is appropriate for autograph books since so much about being a student involves a journey riddled with change. Adorn the scrapbook cover with a picture of the student at the beginning of his school journey and add a picture of the student at the end of his school journey. The two selves should exist side by side. Add bits of fabric from old clothes the student use to wear and colors that he wears now. Use text and spell out the names of cities that student has visited or wants to visit either with blocks or metallic letters.


The friends theme is effortlessly appropriate for an autograph book because autograph books are essentially devoted to preserving the thoughts and feelings of friends. Use the cover of the autograph book to create a collage of pictures that showcase the friends who’ve written inside the book. Use mementos like ticket stubs, receipts, postcards and other items to make the cover more personal.


Use vintage scrapbooking techniques to give your autograph book an antiquarian look. For example, use bits of real lace and make color copies of Victorian postcards and greeting cards. Cut up images from the cards and add them to the front of your autograph book in a graceful collage. Add bits of silk flowers that were popular in the day, such as peonies and violets. Add bits of black ribbon or pieces of red velvet. Glue on a faux pearl here and there for effect. Look at antique cards for inspiration.


An inspirational theme allows you to focus the front of the autograph book with a quote and corresponding image related to friendship. For example, “A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.” Then you could add an image of two friends walking together. Spell out the quote with block letters of your choice and add other images and scraps of fabric to surround the quote and main image to give a sense of movement and texture.

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