Paper Folding Scrapbooking Ideas

Paper folding adds dimension and texture to scrapbook pages. You can easily learn folding techniques and tailor them to your scrapbook by changing the color and patterns. Make the folded paper the focal point of the page with bold patterns and bright colors. You can also use folded paper to accentuate a photo by framing it. Size the photo smaller and choose complementary colors or a simple pattern.

Tea Bag Fold

When you produce tea bag folds (originally tea bag envelopes were used), you create little triangles. Fold a number of them, such as a group of eight and create a star-burst floral pattern. Place each fold next to the last one in a circular pattern until you create a bloom. Experiment with color and placement on the page. Arrange a grouping of the tea bag folds around the perimeter of a photograph as a picture frame. Choose a color from the photo or something different to play with the page’s overall look.

Iris Fold

You create iris folds by folding thin strips of colored paper in a design with a hole, or an “iris” in the center. Use this method to decorate your page and place a small memento or photo at the center of the design for a picture frame effect. Use iris folds to design flowers, angels, picture frames and many other shapes and incorporate them into your scrapbook designs.


You can find origami folds in a number of designs. Origami folds add a splash of color and interest to any scrapbook page. Choose green paper to make shamrocks to commemorate St. Patrick’s day, a vacation to Ireland or a March birthday. Make several small ones or vary the sizes for a border.

Pockets and Envelopes

Incorporate pockets and envelopes to scrapbook pages, which can store small keepsakes or hold items you want to open later. For a baby’s scrapbook, write a letter to your little one, seal it in a handmade envelope and mark a date on the envelope when your child can open it. Add pockets for advent calenders or hold keepsakes from special events, such as dried flowers.

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One Response to Paper Folding Scrapbooking Ideas

  1. lvich says:

    I thought that this post would give me some different ideas for scrapbooking, even though I do things digitally. I was a bit disappointed . . . where are the visuals to help explain these paper folding techniques?

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