Scrapbooking event set at Erskine Academy

CHINA — The class of 2011, Erskine Academy, will host a scrapbooking workshop to benefit Project Graduation from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. March 12 in the Erskine cafeteria.

Creative Memories consultant Mary Haskell will be there with how-to workshops, ideas and materials to purchase. In addition, Stampin’ Up Consultant Regan Tyler, Scrap N Yak Shack representative Patsy Erickson, Silver Fox Stamps & More consultant Sheila Bacon, and Close to My Heart consultant Kathy Kendall will be available to demonstrate various techniques.

The cost of the event is $25 per person and includes lunch, snacks and drinks. In the case of inclement weather, a snow date of March 13 has been set.

To register, send your name, address, phone number and e-mail address to Julie Jackson, c/o Erskine Academy, 309 Windsor Road, South China, ME, 04358.

Registration information should be returned by March 7 to ensure a spot.

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Scrapbooking Ideas? Here’s How to Boost Your Creativity

It’s no wonder Scrapbooking is so big these days, especially with the advent of the internet! Scrapbooking is, by nature a “creative art” but what if you’re not really in the creative mood, or you need to catch up on some scrapbooking but you’re all out of ideas?

It’s kinda frustrating! And the more the pictures pile up, the more overwhelming your little scrapbooking projects become, and the last thing you want is for something that’s supposed to be fun and relaxing to turn into more of a “chore” that needs to get done.

Here’s how to break the mold and make scrapbooking fun again:

1- Always have something handy to jot down your ideas and inspiration when they come to you in the moment.

The thing about creativity is that nobody can really be creative all of the time, it comes in spurts, and often VERY random. (Mine often come while in the shower, or driving) So, keep something around that works for you. Whether that be a notepad on your smartphone, Evernote, or just a small notepad. Just make sure it’s convenient and easy to use for YOU, or else you wont use it!

2- Get organized!

For goodness sakes, if you’ve got a desk that’s just mounds and mounds of random little bits of paper, pictures and half-done scrapbooks, it’s no wonder you can’t come up with Scrapbooking Ideas. (The same thing goes for your computer hard-drive) Pick an organizing system and stick with it. You can organize by date, event, people, places, whatever works for you, just make sure it’s easy to implement and it’s Fun for you to do! If you’ve got a busy schedule like most people do these days, set aside a few minutes maybe once a week on Sunday afternoon or whatever, to quickly organize the possible scrapbooking items you’ve gathered over the course of the week. Then when it’s time to sit down and put it all together, it’s not overwhelming.

3- Focus

I know, it sounds weird saying you need to Focus, for scrapbooking, because focus sounds like work, and scrapbooking is supposed to be fun right?! Well, I’ve found that with my scrapbooking projects (as well as anything else in life) that you need to put away all distractions and focus on one thing and one thing only at any given time. The same goes for scrapbooking. If you’ve set aside Saturday afternoon from 3-5 as your “focus time” then make sure you’ve put away all other distractions. Let your family know you’re “temporarily unavailable” Shut off the phone, computer, and tv (unless you enjoy it in the background while scrapping) and just get down to the fun stuff. You’ll often find that once you do this and just get started, the creativity will just start to flow, and before you know it you’ve gone over your allotted time, and you’ve still got scrapbooking ideas coming at you left and right! (just make sure you repeat the process and record them in the moment if you can’t finish them at the time being!)

Just make sure you repeat the process and record them in the moment if you can’t finish them at the time being! For more scrapbooking ideas, and a fun place to get together with like minded scrappers, see my resource box below; Hope you enjoy!

For more great Scrapbooking ideas and tips visit my Scrapbooking Retreats site. We hold frequent events in a quaint little cottage we call Nellie’s Cottage (named after some of my ancestors) Keep on Scrappin’

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Ribbon Scrapbooking Ideas

A variety of possibilities exist for ribbon use in scrapbooks. They add texture and color to your scrapbook, creating a variety of layout possibilities. A spool of ribbon can be bought at a fabric store. By experimenting and enjoying the project, you can create a memorable scrapbook.


Make flowers with your ribbon. Use green ribbons for the stems. By doing this, you can add to the theme of the page you are decorating. Make the colors bright if you are decorating a page with a photo from the summer, for example. Add a variety of other materials, such as buttons in the center of your ribbon pedals. Tie a bow around the multiple stems of the flowers to make a bouquet.


After placing a photo or note somewhere in the center of your scrapbook you can glue a ribbon to either side. This gives the impression that the note is anchored in the book.


One of the scrapbook trademarks has got to be colorful borders. Line the edges of the pages with one or more ribbons. Create a rainbow effect by putting multiple ribbons side by side.


Placing a bow at the corner of a note or photo can spruce up your scrapbook. The bow will add a touch of color to what might be an otherwise basic note. You can tie your bow to whatever size you want; make a smaller bow if you want to emphasize a photo, but a larger one to point out the beautiful bow.


Handles can be created by gluing a tab of ribbon to the page and placing a small bead in the middle. Put a note or picture directly below it to give the impression that the photo or letter is hanging from the tab.

Photo Frame

Putting ribbons just outside the edges of the a photo will give it the look of a photo frame. You can cut out stars of ribbon and place them on the border. Make one side of the frame wider by placing multiple ribbons side by side.

Securing Your Ribbon

Although glue is the most popular way to put ribbon in a scrapbook, you can also use staples from a regular office stapler. You can also find decorative staple bars at craft stores. Embellished stick pins, thin glue dots and double-sided tape can also be found there.

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Tips For Keeping The Kids Busy With Scrapbooking

Yes, we all know that the holidays can be extremely long and tedious, especially for the kids. If you have children, by the third week you are normally pulling your hair out wondering how to keep your kids entertained. Everything out there costs a fortune, so it can be fun to invent something you can all do at home together.

My four year old daughter was lucky enough to get a children’s scrapbooking kit for Christmas. It consisted of a box with a whole lot of punched pages that we joined together to make a mini booklet. The kit also contained small embellishments, ribbons, stickers and dye cuts.

I quickly printed out some photographs from my computer for her to use and she had a ball doing up her scrap book. It kept her busy for days on and off, as she kept adding to it each time she walked past it. It is a never ending source of amusement to her and she loves showing it off to guests.

While she enjoyed herself, I was able to complete a few layouts of my own, which I normally don’t get a chance to.

All children love working with their hands and making pretty or practical things. Give them the help they need, but try not to tell them how to do each detail. Let them decide where they would like to put a sticker or let them color in the sun purple if that is how they want to do it. In this way you will see how their imagination can work for them, instead of how you want their imagination to work. I made the mistake of saying to my daughter “if I were you I wouldn’t put quite so many stickers on that page,” to which she replied “Well, you are not me!”

Here are some cheap scrapbooking ideas and solutions that you can use to keep your kids entertained for hours.

1. Give your kids all your scraps of patterned paper that you will no longer need. Encourage them to make their own backgrounds for their layouts by sticking the scraps together in patterns. You will be amazed at what they can come up with.

2. Give them their own tools, like child friendly scissors, glue, gel pens, rulers ect. In this way they will feel special as they will have their own kits, just like Mom.

3. There are loads of cheap stickers which can be bought and used. Children love stickers of their favorite TV characters or even of butterflies or teddy bears to decorate their layouts.

4. Do a family layout. Next time you visit somewhere special, tell your children to collect souvenirs that they can use in a layout. These can be coasters, tickets, flowers, shells or whatever tickles their fancy’s. When you get home you can then join all the memorabilia together and create a joint layout.

5. Cut shapes from scraps of material for them to play with and scrap. My four year old really enjoyed this.

6. Mini albums usually work better for the younger children, as it doesn’t take so long to complete a page.

With just a little imagination, it needn’t be expensive to entertain your children during the holidays, and the hours will be well spent.

If you need some more Scrapbooking Food, visit Michel Maling’s blog at

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Digital Scrapbooking Ideas: Capture those Everyday Moments

Hi Everyone,

One of the things that I try to make time to do every day is check out my Facebook page. Admittedly I don’t post very often, but I like to keep up with my friends and know what’s going on in their lives.

Today, one of my friends posted about some of comical things her 4-year old says. In particular, she told about a funny thing he wished for as he was blowing on a dandelion as they walked to the park.

Besides reminding me that there are places out there that are warm and green (here in the Midwest, I can see the snow coming down outside from my desk chair), it made me think about how often we DON’T think to scrapbook about the little moments in our lives, the everyday, daily, ordinary moments that make up such a big part of our lives and that really do, in hindsight, pass so quickly and are gone.

Do you only (photograph and) scrapbook the big events – the graduations and weddings, the new babies and the school dance? If so, here’s a reminder that the events of our daily lives can be true scrapbooking treasures too.

Talk about digital scrapbooking ideas!

Here’s just a few of the everyday moments that scrapbooking could turn into a wonderful memory in the years to come:

  • Walking to the park
  • Playing with your pet
  • Reading bedtime stories
  • Attending kid’s sporting events
  • Doing homework
  • Baking cookies
  • Eating dinner
  • Sleeping in

So, here’s to keeping that camera close by and capturing those ‘ordinary’ moments.

Happy Scrapping!


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Scrapbooking Sites: Haven For Your Priceless Memories

Memories are precious. They make you laugh, cry, abstemious, upbeat and more. Simply, memories make you feel. Sweet memories are kept. On the other hand, painful and awful memories are disregarded. Nonetheless, memories are to be cherished, whether they belong to the negative feeling or not.

Memories are not capable of pecuniary estimation. Hence, no amount of money can bring back good old times. Your childhood memories, your memorable gatherings and celebrations and other worth-remembering moments of your life cannot be literally extracted from the future. Moreover, there must be some sort of channels to bridge the gap between the past and the present.

These channels may come in several forms. With today’s advancements in technology, nothing can hinder you to linger on the happiest days of those life as well as those days that have taught you lessons to live by. Memories can stay for a lifetime, if and only if you allow them to hang around.

People use different ways to capture the essence of memories. During special occasions, camera, videos and other sort of gadgets are used to seize the moment. After that, the mementos are saved and kept. In the case of photographs, they are placed in albums to preclude harmful elements and other circumstances from spoiling them.

Photo album is the most common haven for precious memories. Ages ago, photo album was discovered for this purpose. Nonetheless, the passage of time cannot trim down its importance. In today’s time, photo album is still used for the same purpose. However, due to the advances introduced to it. The same has become more functional, stylish and versatile. One of modifications introduced to photo albums is scrapbooking. It is another way of preserving the momentum of memories similar to that of its ancestor photo album. The only difference is that it is more flexible, artsy and captivating.

Scrapbooking is placing photographs into albums and embellishing the later with word, design and style. Scrapbooking may also include memorabilia, stories, testimonials and quotations. In fact, embellishments such as beads, yarn, threads, buttons, trimmings and the like can also be incorporated in a scrapbook to make it more stylish. This is done not only to make memories last but to make them more appealing as well.

The scrapbook that has evolved in the 90s is new and different. In this milieu, scientific knowledge about scrap booking was utilized to create longer photo preservation duration. This is to ensure that photos are not just contained in the scrapbook but said scrapbook must prevent the pictures from deteriorating.

Earlier, pictures don’t survive long enough to satisfy their possessors. Nowadays, technology has brought picture preservation to a new level. The pictures’ durability and façade are now improved. In fact, in today’s generation, cranky, faded and yellowed photos can be spared because of modern methods of storing them. Moreover, the life span of pictures has significantly soared.

Modern scrap booking ideas, methods and products are now in great demand. Said demand has paved way for the spawning of scrapbooking businesses. In just a short span, scrapbooking has been converted into a million dollar industry.
In fact, scrapbooking has not missed the Internet for its haven. There has been hundreds of scrap booking sites that have sprung the online interface. Moreover, you can even find free scrap booking sites to learn some techniques and valuable tips about scrap booking.

Another important advancement in the field of digital photography is the introduction of various hardware and software to manipulate and transfer photos. These advancements resulted to scrap booking online. Electronic scrapbook is deemed a ‘permanent scrapbook’ since it can stay in the World Wide Web for a lifetime depending on the choice of the owner.

Nowadays, photo gathering, sharing and preserving are made easier and more convenient. Moreover, when an individual feel like reminiscing, he can easily get hold of the pictures and videos. Having a quick sojourn to the past is easy nowadays, because of the advances in technology, memories are easily kept and stored at the same time, they are also convenient to pore over or replay.

Scrapbooking can be had in the traditional or modern way. The first one speaks of gathering materials and decorating a photo album while the second speaks of utilizing your computer skills plus technology to arrive at a striking scrapbook that every one will enjoy.

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Straightforward Baby Boy Scrapbooking Ideas

Making scrapbook could be a excellent way to share the thrill of that new arrival. If you’re hunting for some ideas for making a baby boy scrapbook here are a few ideas and tips that will help.

Who Is The Scrapbook For

The theme for your scrapbook may vary depending on who you are making the scrapbook for. If the scrapbook is for yourself the theme may be slightly different than for the grandparents or a uncle or aunt or maybe even a Godparent.

For instance if the scrapbook is for yourself and this is your first child then you may want the theme to reflect that. But , if its for your grandparents who already have several grandson’s then your theme may be slightly different.

List the Page Themes

After you choose a theme, then make a list of the pages that you want to include. The pages for your album might include the before birth shower, the hospital, the first day home and whatever else you choose.

If the scrapbook is for someone who lives far away and does not get to go to regularly you may even need to include photos of your pregnancy and fixing up the nursery so they feel part of the whole experience. Having a catalogue of the pages that you want to include will help to keep things arranged and make making your album way easier.

Album Themes

You could adore making a list of themes you like and then eliminate them until you find one that seems right.

Some of us have certain pictures and stickers they want to include and base the theme around that. As an example, if you have some puppy dog stickers you would like to include in your scrapbook then using the theme “What are little boys made from” might be a sensible choice as you alternate pages with snakes, snails and young dog tails to form an exciting themed album.

Choosing a theme for your scrapbook does not have to be difficult it just takes a little imagination and finding the right frames, phrases and words to connect the theme through. 

Author Resource:- To See more great baby boy scrapbook ideas including free scrapbooking layouts that you can download right away check out Janette Miller’s site now.
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