Creating a Digital Scrapbook Family Cookbook

It is traditional to preserve family recipes. But who gets those old recipe cards? In my wife’s family, there are three sisters and one brother who she would be competing against, should she hope to one day acquire her mother’s recipes. By scanning the original recipe cards and creating a digital scrapbook family cookbook, you are able to preserve family artifacts, while also duplicating them.

A digital scrapbook recipe book could easily be duplicated and distributed to all of the members of the family. The original recipe cards can be scanned and added to the scrapbook, while also including a typed version of the recipe, as well as meaningful family photos. As the archivist and scrapbook-maker, you might even be able to keep the original recipe cards, since everyone else would have a copy.

Creating a digital scrapbook

A digital scrapbook  family cookbook also preserves the integrity of the original recipes by using copies in your day to day cooking. If every Thanksgiving you use your mother’s pumpkin pie recipe to bake that obligatory orange pie, chances are the original recipe card is going to be fairly well-worn. By scanning the original cards and using copies from your digital recipe scrapbook, you have aided in the preservation of the original family heirloom. Since your digital copies are also saved, it will be easy to replace and reprint them, should the need arise.

Creating a Digital Scrapbook Family Cookbook

You can easily create a family cookbook using digital scrapbooking. Draw contributions of recipes and photos from the various members of your family, and create unique pages for the recipes. The finished work could be distributed as a Christmas gift. A few years back, I did something similar with my family. Each couple contributed several recipes, and they were all compiled into a recipe binder. The idea was that we would all have the family recipes, and we could expand the cookbook throughout the years as the families grew and new recipes were discovered.

A digital scrapbook family cookbook allows you to give a strong sense of family to the cookbook through the use of family pictures and images of other treasured family artifacts. For instance, if your mother has a great recipe for a wedding cake, you might commemorate her recipe and her wedding by merging the two in a digital family cookbook. But it doesn’t have to stop at photos. My aunt had her wedding corsage sitting in her fridge for many years. A scan of the actual corsage could be included with pictures from her wedding to decorate a wedding cake recipe. While the actual memorabilia that your family saves is going to be different than mine, the idea remains the same.

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Scrapbooking 101 Series-What is Scrapbooking???

Do you remember those days as a kid pasting newspaper clippings onto paper and bundling dozens of papers together with some fancy ribbon or a string? Do you also remember all of your hard work falling apart two months later?  Now there’s a grown up way to save and preserve your treasures: Scrapbooking.

The concept behind scrapbooking hasn’t changed since grade school. You can still place photographs, newspaper clippings, poems, and tickets into your scrapbook to display and preserve your memories.

However, scrapbooking techniques and tools have matured substantially since you were a kid. Scrapbooking albums have replaced the messy bundles of paper. These albums are generally bound or placed in a three-ring binder. In this way, your hard work won’t fall apart. Furthermore, new specialized
covers allow protection from the outside elements.

Paste is also a thing of the past. Specialized glue dots and two-sided tape makes mounting your treasures simple and mess free. Many of these products are so strong that you can now decorate your scrapbook pages with ribbons, feathers, flowers, or even metal charms.

Due to these new techniques and tools, the uses of scrapbooking have expanded drastically. Scrapbooking is still used to hold personal keepsakes and for gift giving.

However, now scrapbooking techniques can be used to make baby announcements, grandparent books, gift cards, artwork for kid’s rooms, recipe books, and even educational tools.

So, what do I need to start scrapbooking? We’ll discuss this is the next series, stay tuned…………………..

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Paper Folding Scrapbooking Ideas

Paper folding adds dimension and texture to scrapbook pages. You can easily learn folding techniques and tailor them to your scrapbook by changing the color and patterns. Make the folded paper the focal point of the page with bold patterns and bright colors. You can also use folded paper to accentuate a photo by framing it. Size the photo smaller and choose complementary colors or a simple pattern.

Tea Bag Fold

When you produce tea bag folds (originally tea bag envelopes were used), you create little triangles. Fold a number of them, such as a group of eight and create a star-burst floral pattern. Place each fold next to the last one in a circular pattern until you create a bloom. Experiment with color and placement on the page. Arrange a grouping of the tea bag folds around the perimeter of a photograph as a picture frame. Choose a color from the photo or something different to play with the page’s overall look.

Iris Fold

You create iris folds by folding thin strips of colored paper in a design with a hole, or an “iris” in the center. Use this method to decorate your page and place a small memento or photo at the center of the design for a picture frame effect. Use iris folds to design flowers, angels, picture frames and many other shapes and incorporate them into your scrapbook designs.


You can find origami folds in a number of designs. Origami folds add a splash of color and interest to any scrapbook page. Choose green paper to make shamrocks to commemorate St. Patrick’s day, a vacation to Ireland or a March birthday. Make several small ones or vary the sizes for a border.

Pockets and Envelopes

Incorporate pockets and envelopes to scrapbook pages, which can store small keepsakes or hold items you want to open later. For a baby’s scrapbook, write a letter to your little one, seal it in a handmade envelope and mark a date on the envelope when your child can open it. Add pockets for advent calenders or hold keepsakes from special events, such as dried flowers.

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Five Fantastic Ways to Rock Your Simple Scrapbooking Pages

1. Put your personality back in your pages. Sometimes we think when we’re scrapbooking, we have to be serious. After all, we care so much about the topic and the people involved, and the photos are so important to us, that we strip all our personality out of our pages. After all, we’re scrapbooking for posterity!

You know what I say to that? Pshaw! Put your personality back in, baby! If you’re funny, make your pages funny. If you use made-up words in conversation, sprinkle them through your journaling, too. People should be able to tell at a glance that you created a layout — and I tell you, you’re going to love your pages all the more if they “feel” like you.

2. Pump up your photos. For most people, photos are a central part of their pages. So why not push ’em up another notch? Use photo editing software to increase the saturation, enlarge them to be bigger than the standard 4×6, or shrink them down and add more of them to your page. Add a bold photo mat in a contrasting color, and make it thicker than you normally would. Have your photos make a statement.

3. Pull out a pen. Yeah, get out a pen and start writing on your pages. You may hate your handwriting, you may fear you’re going to “wreck” your pages, you may have every excuse NOT to start doodling or journaling or sketching. Get over it.

If you’re nervous, start small by adding a thin hand-drawn border around a journaling block or a photo. Move on to hand-writing the date at the bottom of the page. Gradually move up to – gasp! – writing your journaling by hand. These tiny bits of you go a long way towards personalizing your scrapbooking layouts in a simple manner.

4. Add some bling. You don’t have to turn your scrapbook layouts into the paper equivalent of Mr. T., but go ahead and jazz ’em up with a little pizzazz. Stickles are one of my favorite ways to add sparkle exactly where I want it, without going overboard.

Other bling-worthy techniques: Add a rhinestone where the dot of an “I” would go in your title, in the corners of your photos as photo brackets, or right on top of brads to add dimension and sparkle.

5. Mat your page. One very simple way to take your page up a notch is to mat the whole thing. In other words, start with a 12×12 page, trim a half-inch on two sides to make it 11.5×11.5″, and mat the whole page on top of a contrasting color of cardstock or patterned paper. This creates a “frame” around the page, and directs the eye inward. Easy-peasy, and you’re done!

Lain Ehmann is the queen of fast, fun, simple scrapbooking. For more tips, visit her scrapbooking blog at Through scrapbooking videos, tutorials, projects and inspiration, Lain helps her readers make their scrapbooking fun, fast and fabulous!

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Scrapbooking Ideas With an Autograph Book

In the late 1800s, it was quite common for students to possess an autograph book, a book where they would collect the signatures and personal written messages of friends, classmates and family members. Nowadays, students largely use their official school yearbooks for such purposes. Even so, making or embellishing autograph books using scrapbooking ideas and techniques is a suitable way to create homemade, one-of-a-kind gifts.

Then and Now

Then and Now theme is a common choice for scrapbooks and is appropriate for autograph books since so much about being a student involves a journey riddled with change. Adorn the scrapbook cover with a picture of the student at the beginning of his school journey and add a picture of the student at the end of his school journey. The two selves should exist side by side. Add bits of fabric from old clothes the student use to wear and colors that he wears now. Use text and spell out the names of cities that student has visited or wants to visit either with blocks or metallic letters.


The friends theme is effortlessly appropriate for an autograph book because autograph books are essentially devoted to preserving the thoughts and feelings of friends. Use the cover of the autograph book to create a collage of pictures that showcase the friends who’ve written inside the book. Use mementos like ticket stubs, receipts, postcards and other items to make the cover more personal.


Use vintage scrapbooking techniques to give your autograph book an antiquarian look. For example, use bits of real lace and make color copies of Victorian postcards and greeting cards. Cut up images from the cards and add them to the front of your autograph book in a graceful collage. Add bits of silk flowers that were popular in the day, such as peonies and violets. Add bits of black ribbon or pieces of red velvet. Glue on a faux pearl here and there for effect. Look at antique cards for inspiration.


An inspirational theme allows you to focus the front of the autograph book with a quote and corresponding image related to friendship. For example, “A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.” Then you could add an image of two friends walking together. Spell out the quote with block letters of your choice and add other images and scraps of fabric to surround the quote and main image to give a sense of movement and texture.

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Scrapbooking Ideas? Here is how to increase your creativity

Not surprisingly, Scrapbooking is so big these days, especially with the advent of the Internet! Scrapbooking, by its very nature “works”, but what if you’re really not in a creative mood, or you need to catch up on some scrapbooking, but you’re out of ideas?

This is sort of disappointing! And the more pictures to accumulate more than overwhelming your little scrapbooking projects become, and the last thing you want for what is supposed to be fun and relaxing to become more “routine” that must be done.

Here’s how to break the mold and make scrapbooking fun again:

1 – Always have something convenient to write your ideas and inspiration when they come to you at this time.

The fact is, creativity is something that no one can really be creative all the time, it comes in spurts, and often very random. (Mine often come while in the shower or car) So, to keep something around that works for you. Whether that will pad on your smartphone, Evernote, or just a small notepad. Just make sure that it is convenient and easy to use for you, or you will not use it!

2 – Get organized!

For a good value if you have a table that just mounds and mounds of random small pieces of paper, photographs and made scrapbooks half, it’s no wonder you can not come up with Scrapbooking Ideas. (The same applies to your computer’s hard drive) Pick the organization of the system and stick to it. You can organize by date, event, people, places, what works for you, just make sure that it is simple to implement and it is interesting for you to do! If you have a busy schedule like most people these days, is allocated a few minutes, maybe once a week on a Sunday afternoon or any other possible items to quickly organize scrapbooking you are going for a week. Then, when it’s time to sit down and put it all together, it’s not overwhelming.

3 – Focus

I know it sounds strange, they say you should focus, for scrapbooking, because attention to sound like work, and scrapbooking should be fun is not it? Well, I found that with my scrapbooking projects (like everything else in life), it is necessary to remove all distractions and focus on the one and only one at a time. Same for scrapbooking. If you set aside Saturday afternoon from 3-5, as your “focus time”, then make sure you remove all other distractions. Let your family know that you’re “temporarily unavailable” Turn off your phone, computer and TV (if you like it in the background, scrap) and just get to the fun stuff.

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Scrapbooking – Making the Most of Your Time

Should you live a busy life, finding time for you to scrapbook might seem difficult. However, you probably have little increments of time throughout your day that can be used to manage scrapbooking tasks. To help you get the most from your time, here are several smart ways to fit in scrapbooking.

One approach is to keep a pencil and notebook in your purse. When you have ideas through the day, take out that notebook and jot them down so you may use them as part of your scrapbooking later.

Bring scrapbook ideas guides with you when you are going to be waiting someplace for the kids. Usually you will have a couple of minutes of time to deal with. This is a good way to learn more about scrapbooking during those minutes you spend waiting.

While you’re listening to the radio or even watching some television, keep your ears open for exciting sayings and phrases that you can use for titles on pages in your scrapbook. When you can, write them down right away.

Think of a list of tasks in scrapbooking that you want to complete. Jot down how much time is needed to complete those tasks. Anytime you get a couple of extra minutes, choose one thing from your list that you’ve got time to complete or something you will be able to get a lot of progress carried out on. Then you can get to work and cross one thing off that list.

There are numerous ways that you may practice your lettering for scrapbooking even while carrying out other projects. When you’re writing party invitations or thank you cards, work on your lettering. As you are speaking with someone on the phone, take this time to work on lettering on an extra sheet of paper.

Even if you’re busy, you can still make time for scrapbooking. Start using these suggestions to use those chunks of time you’ve got in order to enjoy doing some scrapbooking regularly.

Melissa is a fashion fanatic and enjoys writing about hot fashions at sites like Bikini Swimsuit Fashions.

She also loves scrapbooking and contributes to websites such as Scrapbooking Fun.

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